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Ordering Directions-Custom Name Print Cartons
Ordering Directions

Ordering Directions-Custom Name Print Cartons
Ordering Directions

Directions on Ordering Custom Name Print Cartons
First time order:
1. On the Custom Name Print Carton product page, choose your product quantity and choose one-time setup fee.
2. Review your items and make sure to choose register as a new customer where indicated during the checkout process. We can save your design choices and in the future you do not have to complete all these steps.
3. On the confirmation page displayed after order has been placed, there is a link titled "Custom Name Print Design Form", click on this link to provide us with the text information needed to design your carton. You can also click here, to access this form.
4. After this form has been completed, in 12-24 business hours you will receive a confirmation that your complete order has been received. If a step has been missed, you will be emailed in the same timeframe with an update on your order. If you have any questions please send us an email:
5. Orders usually ship between 10-14 business days of receipt of all information, in some cases sooner. Once order is completed and shipped you will receive an email confirmation with tracking information.
Repeat orders:
1. Login to your account (by logging in to your account we can link to your previous orders and access your design and name information) or you may login during checkout process.
2. Checkout the quantity of egg cartons in the Custom Name Print Carton product page and checkout.
3. If selecting a new carton design (For example, you have previously placed an order for Generic Name Print carton, but will like to place a new order for Custom Name Christmas Print egg carton), different from previous orders, please re-submit "Custom Name Print Design Form" and simply complete the customer information portion, indicate which carton and the specific color choices for the new carton design which you are ordering. Your text will remain the same, but the colors might vary depending on carton design.
4. Repeat orders take between 10-14 business days to ship out, and an email confirmation page will be sent out with tracking information once order has been shipped.
*Please note, if you would like to make a change to the text of your carton, you will have to complete all steps in the First Time Order section(including the one-time setup fee). Therefore, please check all your information carefully in the Design Form before submitting the information. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON CUSTOM NAME PRINT CARTONS. If you are ordering our egg cartons for the first time, we suggest you order a small quantity to ensure your egg cartons will fit.

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