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1) How soon will my order ship?
Most orders are shipped out the same day if the order is received prior to 1pm EDT. Most orders received after 1pm EDT will be shipped the following business day.
For customized orders, there is an additional processing time. Repeat customized orders are shipped 10-14 business days from when the order is received. New customized orders are shipped 10-14 business days from when the order and design approval is received.

2) Where do the orders ship from?
Orders ship from Zellwood, Florida. Zellwood is located in the Central Florida area.

3) What are the transit times? How soon will I get my package?
All orders are shipped UPS Ground. Please refer to the below UPS Transit Map for estimated transit times.
3) Do you ship outside of contiguous US?
We do now do ship to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico with a low shipping charge.

4) Do you sell more than the quantities you have on your website?
Yes, we do. Please email us is@zellwin.com for a quote. Provide your name, phone number and shipping address for a quote.

5) Do you have several different sizes of egg cartons for small, medium, large and x-large? Or is it one egg carton that can hold all sizes?
We only have one egg carton design that holds all sizes up to 2.5oz egg. If you are not sure, please order a small quantity to try them out.

6) Can I return my egg cartons?
Please call 407-886-9241 or email us is@zellwin.com to communicate any problems you have with your order. We try to ensure that every issue is handled to your satisfaction.

7) What if I received the wrong item?
Please email us is@zellwin.com or call us 407-886-9241. We will immediately address your issue and contact you.

Customized egg cartons FAQ's

1) How long does it take to receive my customized egg cartons?
If you are a new customer, please make sure you have paid the $30.00 one time setup fee and that you have completed the Design form. You can access the design form here. Once these 2 items are received, as well as your completed order, your egg cartons will ship 7-10 business days from the day all these items are received.

2) I forgot to pay the $30.00 one-time setup fee, what happens to my order?
We will keep your order pending until this is received. Simply log back into your account and select the $30.00 one-time setup fee that is located in the same section as to where you selected your custom name print egg cartons (it is on the first line of the table). We will then match this with your order and proceed to process the order.

3) Where can I find directions on how to place a customized egg carton order?
Under our quick links you can access our Directions on how to place Custom Name Print Orders page. You can also click here to access it.

4) I am a repeat customer who already paid for the one-time setup fee when I placed my first order, how can I simply re-order my egg cartons again, with the same information as the last time?
Please make sure you select the Custom Name print egg carton you chose the last time. Check this item out as you normally would with any other item. Based on your account information we will be able to find your customized information. If you need to reach us for any reason in regards to your order, you can email us is@zellwin.com

5) Can I choose another color for my customized text, different than what I had selected before? Is there a charge for this?
Our generic design has already an assigned color, so it cannot be changed. Now, for name print on non-printed cartons, color can be changed. Just email us once the order is placed so we can resend the proof with the requested color. There's no extra charge unless info on print is changed.

6) Can I choose another egg carton design for my customized egg carton, different from my previous order? Is there an additional charge?
Yes, you can, but there's an additional charge. Just make sure when you select your custom name print egg cartons you choose the egg carton design you want. You might receive an email from us to confirm this change, as we have customers that don't notice they have made a mistake when choosing their egg carton design.

7) I need to add some additional information to my personalized egg cartons, can I make those changes? Is there a charge for this change?
We understand some states require certain information on egg cartons. Please do some research to make sure your personalized egg carton has all the information you might need to comply with your state's regulations. If you need to make some changes we can help you. Email us is@zellwin.com and let us know what you would like to add to your existing text. Based on the amount of information, we will have to work with you to see if everything will fit in the printable area. The one-time setup fee will be re-assessed as this is the same process as creating a new custom-name print egg carton. You will have to pay $30.00.

) How much text can I add to my custom name print egg carton?
We generally recommend 3-4 lines at most. The more characters the smaller the text and the print might not look very good. We try to contact customers who have a lot of information and work with them to make sure the carton looks presentable. Not sure if your text will fit? Email us, is@zellwin.com and let us know what you wanted on the carton, we will let you know our professional opinion.
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